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Empower your
Business Dreams

AI solutions that give you the ability to do more for your small business.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

Imagine a day where your business flows seamlessly, where every task that once bogged you down is now an opportunity to soar. We enable you to turn that imagination into reality. We build AI-driven solutions to revolutionise the way your small business operate - making room for what truly matters to you: your passion, your growth, and your dreams


What We Offer

We dive deep into understanding what makes your business tick, transforming challenges into stepping stones towards your entrepreneurial dreams. We specialise in AI-driven applications that helps turn your ideas to reality.

Workflows That Work

Effortlessly streamline your tasks with workflows designed to sync with your business heartbeat, freeing you to focus on innovation

Intuitive AI Integration

Seamlessly infuse AI into your business, enhancing efficiency with technology that understands and adapts to your unique needs.

Strategic Business Insights

Gain a competitive edge with data-driven insights, crafted to guide your business decisions with clarity and foresight

AI-Driven Automation Tools

Empower your enterprise with AI automation that's not just smart but also thoughtful, giving life to your business vision.

From One Entrepreneur to Another

We know the fire that drives your enterprise because it's the same one that ignited ours. We're not just tech experts; we're business owners, dreamers, and creators like you. We go BEYOND the basics of AI education, We delivering custom AI solutions designed for tangible business results. Our approach transforms your business inspirations into concrete achievements, sidestepping the superficial to focus on impactful, real-world change.

Custom AI Solutions

Effortless Integration

Innovative Growth Tools

Helping the Nelson English Centre
improve their operations with technology


Even the smoothest operations can embrace innovation. Discover our journey with the Nelson English Centre, where our partnership brought greater levels of operational efficiency and impact through technology and AI.

Featured Case Study

What People Are Saying

“Mark always has a new and creative way of looking at things. He has a talent for finding new solutions and does not give up until he finds one. It was a pleasure working with him!.”

Rodolfo Ramirez,
Process Engineer

"I had the pleasure to work with Mark at AbsoluteIT. Mark successfully trained me on the database and had heaps of great advice. He follows processes accurately and can solve problematic situations. He has a positive character, a lovely personality, is energetic and engaging."

Diana Dolensky,

IT Recruiter

"Working with Mark was an absolute pleasure from the outset. I have thoroughly enjoyed numerous chats with him about all manner of subjects related to recruitment and how businesses present themselves. Mark is evidently a deep thinker with an active, enquiring mind, which makes for an engaging conversation whatever the topic."

Anthony Glauser,

R&D Consultant

"I first met Mark at a TechTalk event, and immediately found him engaging and comfortable networking with others. I invited Mark to be a speaker at our student networking event focused on skills for 2020 and beyond. I would happily collaborate with Mark again in the future!"

Andrew Tui,

Employment Manager


Laura Sanchez,

Operations Manager

"Mark has an amazing way of helping. He goes above and beyond the expected. Furthermore, every piece of advice and suggestion was helpful and accurate for achieving my goals. He was always objective and precise without leaving aside the kindness and support so necessary 
I will always be grateful for his guidance."

Get Ready to Maximize Your Business
With Our Custom AI Solutions

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