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Our Services

At the heart of AImagineers is a vision that transcends traditional boundaries in software and AI development. We are not just building a company; we are nurturing a transformative movement in the SME world. Our aim is to craft tools and solutions that address social challenges, contributing positively to society. This vision is about pioneering change and innovation, leading SMEs into a future where AI is not just a tool but a force for good, driving progress and inclusivity.

AI Consultancy

Maximise your AI investment with AImagineers' AI consultancy work. Your dedicated partner in navigating the complexities of AI implementation and strategy. Our services are specifically designed for innovative entrepreneurs seeking expert guidance in assessing, planning, and managing AI solutions. Whether you're considering new AI technology adoption or need an expert team to oversee your AI development we have the right offer for you.

AI Analytics for Business

Elevate your decision-making with AImagineers' analytic services. Where we advanced AI algorithms and in-depth data analysis converge to transform your business data into strategic insights. Our specialised offering includes, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence Reports, Performance Metrics and Dashboards, and Custom AI solutions for Analytics and Research.

AI Solutions Development

Bring your AI vision to life with AImagineers' AI Solutions Development, a bespoke service crafted to design, develop and deploy cutting-edge AI applications tailored to your specific business needs. Our engineering team excels in Custom Software Development, Machine Learning and Chatbot Creation

AI Research and Development

Our team can help with research and development of Emerging AI technologies exploration and Custom AI model Development. This includes, feasibility studies, Prototype Creation and Continuous improvement and Iteration.

What People Say...


Rodolfo, Process Engineer

"Mark always has a new and creative way of looking at things. He has a talent for finding new solutions and does not give up until he finds one. It was a pleasure working with him!."
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