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Transforming Student Services: How AI Redefined Workload Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the demands on student services continue to grow. The sheer volume of inquiries, requests and administrative tasks... Oh no! How do we keep up?

In today's blog, let me delve into the innovative use of AI-powered applications to manage student services workload, and discuss its potential pitfalls (misuse of AI) and actual solutions that have been used to redefine the modern Student Services team.

Problem Statement:

I've been trying to scour the internet for statistics and infographics that I can show to enumerate one of the biggest problems that student services face. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find them but instead. I found a few posts from students and their opinions. This should be enough to build the foundation of our case study today.

I feel bad for both the students and the faculty and staff. I've been to both sides so I can really share the pain. Student services teams often face the daunting task of managing a high volume of student inquiries, from admissions to academic advising and everything in between. Without efficient systems, this workload can lead to delays, errors, and frustrated students. (not to mention potential enrollees moving to a different university)

Enough about the problems - Let's come up with solutions

AI can revolutionise the way educational institutions manage these workloads. but ONLY if used correctly. Imagine the frustration of a student asking a poorly constructed chatbot and yet getting an incorrect answer. We don't want that to happen!

The idea may be similar to a customer service chatbot but can be tweaked and fine-tuned specifically for this use case. Let me dive deeper and enumerate these cases.

The Case Study Subject:

Our case study takes place at the fictitious (but all too realistic) "De La Beltran University", a bustling educational institution with a diverse student body. De La Beltran University aimed to improve the efficiency of its student services department, and AImagineer's AI-powered chatbots were put to the test.

Bringing AI to Life:

De La Beltran University integrated the AI system into its student services portal. The application is trained on historical student inquiries and is equipped with a well-curated knowledge base. This means that the team at AImagineers are working hard to keep data chunks with appropriate tags and groupings so the AI will be accurate each time it answers a query.

The chatbot is trained to handle common questions, provide information on deadlines, and even assist with form submissions. The AI communicates and integrates directly with other university systems like CRM, email, and student records. And so, now geared for greatness... The AI-powered application is put to the test.

Scenario # 1: Enrollment Season

If not the MOST critical time for any educational institution the enrollment season is the most dreaded time for staff working at De La Beltran University. On day 1 we've received, 20 admission inquiries, 15 applications ready for processing, and 5 students are asking for financial aid and scholarship information. Not to mention, new students need to be given an orientation and welcome package. There are also 8 students asking for technical support on their online accounts and class scheduling.

Don't worry! Our AI-powered friend is here to help, and because our AI chatbot isn't constrained to 2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 brain. Effortlessly the system can process all of these at the same time. No more queuing, process as we receive it.

Let's say, there were 2 or 5 inquiries that needed to be escalated. Something that the AI chatbot isn't equipped to help. Not an issue. The chatbot can summarise, gather all necessary information and send it to the Student Services Supervisor. That's still a lot better than handling all 20 inquiries, isn't it? Not to mention, the student is also happy because of the immediate response given by the AI system. The chatbot can also help with any follow-ups and update the student on the status of their case.

Scenario # 2: International Student Inquiries/Support

Imagine the nuance of looking for someone to ask and consult with regarding classes and courses, or maybe sorting out payment methods because you're an international student. Think about how tricky it can be to find someone to help you in your time zone.

Let's throw in another factor here, shall we... What if the student needs localised language support? Maybe instructions in Mandarin? Spanish? Tagalog?

Here's where our AI-powered chatbot gets to shine the most. It's available 24/7, so students always have support. Plus, it can translate answers into different languages, making things easier for everyone.


The impact of AI on student services at De La Beltran University was remarkable. Response times were cut in half and filtered properly. The AI application reduced the workload for the team so they could do more.

AI-driven improvements in student services mean less waiting, faster resolutions, and a smoother experience for students. It frees up staff to provide more personalised support, contributing to the overall quality of education.


The future surely holds exciting possibilities. AI can further improve workloads, predict student needs, provide tailored support and facilitate seamless transactions between different systems.

AI has reshaped and will continue to improve business processes like student services, ushering in a new era of efficiency, accessibility and satisfaction. In this university's case, this demonstrates that with the right AI system and a well-thought-out implementation strategy, we can provide better support to students and staff alike.

If you're in a similar business and would like to explore this idea further. Please feel free and reach out to us. Let's have a chat!

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